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200W 300W Desktop Laser Cleaning Machine Suitable For Fine Cleaning And Bulk Cleaning/Welding

200W 300W Desktop Laser Cleaning Machine Suitable For Fine Cleaning And Bulk Cleaning/Welding

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Laser Power

Product Parameters:

  • Model: ELC-200 ELC-300
  • Laser Power: 200W 300W
  • Laser Wavelength: 1064nm
  • Operating Mode: Pulse/Modulation
  • Modulation Frequency: 1-3000KHz
  • Adjustable Height: 450mm
  • Scanning Area: (F420 Lens) 300*300mm
  • Power Configuration: AC220V±10% 1.5KW 2KW
  • Cooling Method: Air Cooling
  • External Dimension: 785*520*1020mm
  • Net Weight: 66.5kg 69.5kg

Features and Advantages:

1. It can be used for both cleaning and welding
   Laser cleaning: Fine cleaning of specific point/area. Bulk cleaning of small parts
   Laser Welding: One-click batch welding. <1mm stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and other metal materials welding

2. Optional accessories, apply desktop cleaning to more work scenarios
   With a rotating axis, 360° cleaning.
   With a conveyor belt, extended assembly line cleaning.

3. Lift to adjust the focus. Supports cleaning for objects of different heights.
   Integrated air-cooled structure. No need to add water, save the trouble of regular water change.
   Touch operation screen. Simple and easy to use.

4. Passed many rigorous tests in the industry. High temperature test, vibration test, fatigue test, cable bending test, high humidity test, anti-interference test.

Service and Delivery:

  • 1 Year Warranty for the Whole Machine, 2 Years Warranty for the Laser Source. (Consumables are not covered by warranty)
  • After Sales Center in NY, US.  Offer Remote Assistance for Operation Issues, Lifetime Online Technical Support.
  • Free Shipping to Your Door by Air (DHL/UPS/Fedex) about 5-10 Days, No Import Duty for American Customers.
  • Recommended Match:Smoke Purifier.The Smoke Purifier can filter and purify the smoke, soot, dust, etc generated from the laser cleaning processing. Protect the operator from the harmful gas. 

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