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SFX 3D JPT MOPA M7 Fiber Laser Engraver 60W/80W/100W FEELTER 3D Dynamic Focus System Lenmark Software 3D Laser Marking Machine

SFX 3D JPT MOPA M7 Fiber Laser Engraver 60W/80W/100W FEELTER 3D Dynamic Focus System Lenmark Software 3D Laser Marking Machine

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Technical Parameters

Laser Source: 60W/80W/100W YDFLP-M7-M-R JPT MOPA M7
Marking Area: 100*100mm(4*4in)/200*200mm(8*8in) optional
Repetition Rate: 1-4000kHz
Pulse Duration: 2-500ns
Output Power Adjustment Range: 10%-100%
Marking Speed: ≤ 7m/s(275.6in/s)
Engraving Depth: ≤1.2mm(0.008in)/1.5mm(0.016in)/2.0mm(0.039in)
Minimum Line Width: 0.01mm(0.0004in)
Minimum Character: 0.2mm(0.0008in)
Electrical Requirements:110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Power Consumption: 1200W/1300W/1500W
Marking Interface: USB connection, Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Communication Mode for Automation: TCP/IP, IO, RS232
FEELTER 3D Dynamic Focus System; LenMark 3D Software
Red Dot Pointer: Since the laser beam is invisible, the red dot pointer allows you to have a visual reference for locating where the laser will fire.

3D Galvanometer Advantages  

  • 3D surface processing. Can do distortion marking in the large-scale surface, 3D surface, steps, cone surface, slope surface, and other objects.
  • The dynamic axis collaborates with the XY axis scanhead, can easily layered relief, deep carving and texture etching.
  • High precision. With the increasing processing layer, the dynamic focus axis jointly adjusts the focal length and spot in real-time to ensure that the focus spot controllable during the whole processing process, achieve higher accuracy.
  • High Efficiency. The dynamic axis is fully coordinated with the XY axis, and the hierarchical focus compensation is completed with microseconds.


  • Multiple applicable environments. Without the extra moving platform, the dynamic focus system can achieve accurate 3D marking, engraving and other laser applications.
  • Suitable material: brass, carbon steel, mold steel, stainless steel, SIC etc.


  • Two years warranty for the whole machine, including the laser source.
  • We provide professional technical support. English user manual, operation video sending together with the machinery. During the warranty period, if the spare parts was sent back for repair, we will pay for the returning shipping cost and fees, repair them for free including the new parts that needed. (exclude wearing parts)
  • We have after-sale service center in NY, US.
  • We provide lifelong after-sales service and technical support.
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