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SFX Fully Enclosed Platform Automatic Laser Cleaning Machine, 300W/500W Automatic Online Laser Cleaner

SFX Fully Enclosed Platform Automatic Laser Cleaning Machine, 300W/500W Automatic Online Laser Cleaner

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Laser Power

Payment: 30% prepayment, 70% payment before delivery.

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Delivery: 40~50 days by Sea&Truck.
Handling time: Will ship within 5~7 business days of receiving full payment.

Product Parameters

Model: DLC-200A/DLC-300A/DLC-500A
Laser Power: 200w/300w/500w
Laser Wavelength: 1064+10nm
Operation Mode: Pulsed
Pulse Width: 10-500ns
Modulation Frequency: 1-4000KHZ/1-3000KHZ
Cleaning Space Size: Standard Configuration Lens 330mm, Scanning Area 10-250mm.(0ptional Lens 254mm, Scanning Area 10-175mm/420mm, Scanning Area 10-300mm)
Workbench Size: 1300*970mm
XYZ Stroke: 800*400*400mm
Input Voltage: AC220V+10%
Input Power: 3kw/3.5kw/5kw
Cooling Method: Air Cooling ,Air/Water Cooling ,Water Cooling
Water Tank Capacity: 16L
Machine Size: L*W*H 1580*1440*1900mm
Packing Size: L*W*H 1800*1600*2100mm
Net Weight: 580Kg (Machine) 50Kg (chiller)


  • Accurate Positioning.Uniform cleaning.High Surface Finish
  • Full range of CNC systems.Realize cross-stage stability,movement and light flow more smoothly.
  • Teaching programming.1 hour to get started.Support multi-language process library design.Set it once, use it directly at any time.
  • Fully automatic online cleaning with communication system.Matching with robotic arm to realize double-station automatic changeover.
  • Five-axis linkage and Flexible operation.360°rotary axis standard configuration, adapt to a variety of complex working conditions.Meet the 800(L)*400(W)*400(H)mm space size of the workpiece cleaning.
  • Double-pendulum galvanometer. Multiple light patterns. Static cleaning size up to 300*300mm

          Product Details

          • Totally enclosed and Higher safety protection

                     Push-button automatic door safe visualization of cleaning.

          • Dust removal air knife design

                     Remove impurities,do not burn the lens,better cleaning effect.

          • International standard accessories

                    Comprehensive detail protection.

          Applicable industries

          Aerospace&Marine, Electromechanical ,Rubber molds, Auto Parts, Equipment Manufacturing ,Food Processing


          • One year warranty for the whole machine and two years warranty for the laser source.
          • We provide professional technical support. English user manual, operation video sending together with the machinery.During the warranty period, if the spare parts was sent back for repair, we will pay for the returning shipping cost and fees, repair them for free including the new parts that needed. (exclude wearing parts)
          • We have after-sale service center in NY, US.
          • We provide lifelong after-sales service and technical support.
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