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SFX 150W 40J Laser Jewelry Spot Welding Machine Gold Silver Platinum Jewelry Spot Laser Welding Machine with CCD

SFX 150W 40J Laser Jewelry Spot Welding Machine Gold Silver Platinum Jewelry Spot Laser Welding Machine with CCD

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Product Parameters

  • Model: LJW-150
  • Laser Wavelength: 1064nm
  • Condenser Reflector: Imported Ceramic Condensing Cavity
  • Maximum Laser Power: 150W
  • Voltage: 220V 1-Phase(Voltage Transformer is needed if for 110V)
  • Pulse Width: 0.1-15ms
  • Laser Frequency: 0-50Hz
  • Spot Adjustment Range: 0.2-2mm
  • Cooling System: Air Cooling
  • Rated Power: 4KW
  • Packaging Size(mm): 1000*600*700
  • Gross Weight: 103kg
  • Usage Environment Temperature: 10-25°C

Features and Advantages

  • Microscope with CCD Configuration.
  • It mainly takes microscopic pictures and transmits them to the computer, which is convenient for observation and positioning, and compares and analyzes these microscopic pictures.
  • Special microscope obervation system, equipped with light column.
  • Equipped with high-speed electronic filtering device to protect the operator's eyes.
  • Control System. Digital constrol system is adopted, Capacitive touch screen, more sensitive and user-friendly parameter interface than traditional screen, Visual display, simple and convenient operation.
  • Cooling System. 24h continuous operation, good refrigeration effect strong heat dissipation
  • Shading System. Automatic shielding of laser eye irritation while working large space, built-in operation joystick


  • Application Industrial: For mobile communications industry, the arts and crafts and jewels, and electronic components, sensor appearance, precision machinery, hardware, spare parts for car, etc.
  • Application Material: Widely used in precision machining of small parts, rings, pendants, bracelets, dentures, mobile phone charger interfaces, hardware, watches, sporting goods, golf heads, medical equipment. Titanium alloy jewelry, especially used for hole patching of gold and silver jewelry, spot welding seam pattern, inlaid parts and other welding.


  • One year warranty for the whole machine and two years warranty for the laser source.
  • We provide professional technical support. English user manual, operation video sending together with the machinery. During the warranty period, if the spare parts was sent back for repair, we will pay for the returning shipping cost and fees, repair them for free including the new parts that needed. (exclude wearing parts)
  • We have after-sale service center in NY, US.
  • We provide lifelong after-sales service and technical support.
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